Are Roaches Attracted to Water?

that attract roaches. Food, shelter, mates... and yes, water

There are lots of things

Cockroaches, like all living creatures, need water. But for some cockroaches, water is a special weakness.

Why Do Roaches Like Water?

whose bodies have developed to thrive in wet, humid conditions. And they'll quickly die when water isn't plentiful.

These are the Roaches

2 common cockroaches are highly attracted to water.

What Cockroaches are Attracted to Water Most?

either seeking water in your house.

And you don't want

It needs lots of water to survive. It's not uncommon for them to infest sewers by the thousands.

The American Cockroach is Attracted to Water

your home looking for water or food, they bring in all the dangerous bacteria they've crawled through.

When they enter

Like the American roach, it infests sewer systems, and feeds on wet decaying material in trash and garbage.

The Oriental Cockroach is Attracted to Water, Too

it will come looking for water in your home, carrying a potent stew of harmful bacteria on its body.

Like the American Roach

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