A Quick-Start
Pest Guide
to Cockroaches in Utah 

Without a doubt. And if your home or business has them, there are a few things you should know.

Are There Roaches in Utah?

to 6 kinds of cockroach, 4 of which are considered major pests.

Utah is home

has them, you have a problem. One you'll want to take care of right away.

If your home or business

to view these pests as 3 kinds of invaders: Settlers, Colonizers, and Conquerors.

It may be helpful

infesting garbage heaps, compost and sewers.

Settlers typically live outdoors,

seeking conditions that are moist and offer access to food.

Indoors, they "settle" human structures

two species: The American cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach. 

The Settlers include

is large, reddish-brown, and capable of flight. It typically enters structures through sewer grates and drains.

The American Roach

is large and nearly black. It also enters through grates, drains, and holes in outer walls and foundations.

The Oriental cockroach

the colonizer (the Brown-banded cockroach) likes to live inside.

Unlike Settlers,

enjoys the warmth and food in human structures, and will gladly colonize them long-term

The brown-banded roach

(the German cockroach) also likes to live inside.

The Conqueror

in human spaces, and unlike the brown-banded cockroach, clusters together in high numbers.

It thrives

Conquerors, pose different challenges, and require different solutions.

Settlers, Colonizers, and

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