What Do Roach Bites Look Like?

a lot of roaches, you may one day be bitten by one.

If you have

don't bite very often, but sometimes they do.


you've been bitten by a cockroach...

If you suspect

signs of a puncture, because roaches don't have stingers.

You won't see

to see a raised lump, because cockroaches don't inject irritants underneath the skin.

And you're unlikely

to see actual bite marks, because roach bites seldom break the skin.

You're also unlikely

are signs of irritation, and possibly some swelling.

What you may see

you may experience a reaction and get a skin rash.

In rare cases,

bitten by a cockroach, clean the area around the bite and apply a soothing dressing if it hurts or itches.

If you think you've been

a reaction, call your doctor to see what else you should do.

If you think you're having

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