What Sign of Cockroach Infestation Might Food Service Workers Notice?

are unwelcome anywhere, but are particularly concerning in areas where food is handled.

Cockroach infestations

live and breed in unhealthy environments like garbage and sewer systems.

Cockroaches often

from those places into homes and businesses, endangering the health of people who come into contact with it.

They carry bacteria

have a responsibility to protect customers from the consequences of cockroaches.

Food service facilities

routinely shut down facilities where cockroaches are discovered.

And health departments

Roach infestations leave some obvious signs and some not-so obvious ones...

What are the Signs of a Cockroach Infestation? 

Finding living or dead roaches is an obvious sign of infestation, but what do roaches look like? 

Sign 1. Finding Roaches

food service infestations are those from the American, Oriental, and German cockroach species. 

The most common

are a large, reddish brown species. They often enter facilities through drains and sewer grates.

American cockroaches

are large and dark in color. Like the American roach, they enter food facilities through grates and drains.

Oriental cockroaches

are small and tan-colored. They often enter facilities through food and supply deliveries.

German cockroaches

are extremely good at hiding, the only time you're likely to see one...

Since all 3 species

has already occurred

...is if an infestation

Roach droppings look like ground black pepper, coffee grounds, or unsightly brown or yellow smears.

Sign 2. Roach Droppings

anywhere roaches have been. They appear on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

You'll find roach droppings

Roaches leave tiny egg cases that vary in color from tan to nearly black.

Sign 3. Roach Eggs

and typically well-hidden. You may find them underneath appliances and in corners of storage rooms.

They're purse-shaped

Cockroaches leave a certain smell behind.

Sign 4. Odors

as musky or oily, it becomes increasingly intense as an infestation worsens.

Best described

Cockroaches are prolific breeders, and you may encounter their tiny wingless nymphs.

5. Other Signs of Cockroach Infestation

as they mature, you may find discarded cockroach shells, and pieces of shells.

Since they molt

eat their dead, you may find cockroach body parts that haven't been totally consumed.

Since cockroaches

a creature that looks like a cockroach, but is creamy white in color. This is a cockroach mid-molt.

Rarely, you may find

infestation calls for immediate action.

Any sign of a cockroach

report the issue to a supervisor.

If you're an employee,

or an owner, contact a pest control company to provide a solution.

If you're a manager

If you need to learn more about types of cockroach infestations

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