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About Adult Cockroaches

Adult cockroaches look the same as cockroach nymphs, but in species that have wings, the wings only appear at adulthood.

You can download the printable “How-to-Draw a Cockroach Adult” here. And download all the “How-to-Draw a Cockroach Life Cycle” sheets from the page here.

Drawing Guide

  1. Begin by drawing a shape that resembles a long, narrow shield with a blunt bottom edge. This is the main body segment that represents the mesothorax and metathorax.
  2. Draw a dome at the top of the body to represent the neck area called a prothorax.
  3. Draw another small, flatter dome at the top of the prothorax to represent the cockroach’s head.
  4. Draw two antennae.
  5. Draw a sweeping downward line to represent the cockroach’s left wing and several other downward lines to represent the a right wing partially tucked under.
  6. Draw six thin legs along the body’s sides and two more small lines jutting out from the base of the cockroach’s body. These two lines represent the cerci.

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