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About Cockroach Eggs

Cockroaches lay egg sacs called ootheca. The ootheca protects the eggs inside with a hard protective shell. In this “How-to-draw” example, you will draw a cockroach ootheca.

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Drawing Guide

Guide to drawing a cockroach life cycle: drawing a cockroach egg
  1. Begin by drawing a squashed-looking semi-circle with an open end on the left. This will be the right side of the ootheca.
  2. Draw a shape similar to the one you just drew, but squashed more and forming a point at the top. Along with the first line, it should look a little like a purse and together they form the outline for the ootheca.
  3. Draw a set of little points along the top of the ootheca. This represents the ootheca’s keel, the part that opens when the cockroach nymphs are ready to emerge.
  4. Draw 3 arcing vertical lines, top-to-bottom, at the right side of the ootheca.
  5. Draw two more top-to-bottom arcing lines in the middle.
  6. Draw three more arcing lines this time with bulges at the left side of the ootheca.

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