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About End-Stage Cockroach Nymph Molts

As with other stages of cockroach nymph development, the immature cockroach closely resembles the adults. In this “How-to-draw” example, you will draw a nymph stage that is near the final molt.

You can download the printable “How-to-Draw an End-Stage Cockroach Nymph” here. And download all the “How-to-Draw a Cockroach Life Cycle” sheets from the page here.

Drawing Guide

  1. Begin by drawing a shape that resembles a short squat bookmark with notches near the top and a point at the bottom. This is the cockroach’s body.
  2. Draw a shape like a flattened bottle cap at the top of the body. This is the cockroach’s head.
  3. Draw two black circles or squares for eyes. They don’t need to be exact.
  4. Draw a set of arcing lines beneath the notches in the body section, but only go halfway.
  5. Draw a set of slightly arcing lines beneath the first set of lies you drew, but arc them in the opposite direction.
  6. Draw six thin legs, two antennae, and two short lines at the bottom of the cockroach’s body to represent the cerci.

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