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About Mid-Stage Cockroach Nymph Molts

As in other stages of development, cockroach nymphs at a mid-stage stage closely resemble adults. In this “How-to-draw” example, you will draw a nymph cockroach in a mid-stage of development.

You can download the printable “How-to-Draw a Mid-Stage Cockroach Nymph” here. And download all the “How-to-Draw a Cockroach Life Cycle” sheets from the page here.

Drawing Guide

  1. Draw an outline that looks like bookmark with two slight indentations on either side and a dull point at the bottom.
  2. Draw an oval to represent a head.
  3. Draw two thin legs near the top of the shape, two black dots for eyes, and two antennae.
  4. Draw 4 more legs, 2 on each side of the body.
  5. Draw a set of slightly arcing lines at the top of the body to represent the jointed segments at the top of the cockroach’s body.
  6. Draw a second set of arcing lines at the bottom, but arcing in the opposite direction. Then draw two stubby lines at the bottom of the body to represent the cerci.

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