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About Newly Hatched Cockroach Nymphs

A newly hatched cockroach nymph is tiny, soft, and creamy white. In this “How-to-draw” example, you will draw a newly hatched cockroach nymph before its exoskeleton has a chance to darken and harden.

Drawing Guide

You can download the printable “How-to-Draw a Newly-Hatched Cockroach Nymph” here.

How to draw a newborn cockroach step-by-step
  1. Begin by drawing a narrow, vertical oval shape. This will be the outline for the nymph’s body.
  2. Draw a small horizontal oval at the top of the nymph’s body. This will be the head.
  3. Draw two small specks for eyes.
  4. Draw six thin legs on the sides of the body (3 on each side) and two antennae
  5. Draw a set of arcing lines at the top of the body to represent the jointed segments of the cockroach’s exoskeleton.
  6. Now draw a second set of arcing lines at the bottom of the body, reversing the direction of the arcs. Draw two small points at the base of the body to represent the nymph’s cerci.

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