Hello. My name is Andrew.

My father was an exterminator and amateur entomologist. Strange as it may sound for someone who’s job was getting rid of things, he loved bugs and taught my brother and me to love them too. For years we talked about creating a website that taught people about bugs. But never got around to it.

Now my daughter and I have done it. And present to you, a website (mostly) about cockroaches.

Why cockroaches? Because there aren’t very many bugs that can ruin a perfectly good day just by seeing one in your cupboard. And when you do see one, everybody (including your kids) have a million important questions about them.

So we started this website, which has information about cockroaches, a few other pests, and the important job of getting rid of pests when they invade and threaten your home. You’ll also learn some things to respect about cockroaches and why not all cockroaches (like the ones that stay out of your house) are bad.

If you like the site, drop us a line to say hello, and we’ll drop one right back to you. We appreciate your being here and hope you learn a lot.