In this 5-step Roach-Free Recipe, you’ll follow a simple plan to eliminate most cockroach problems in your home. You’ll use insecticides alongside basic, inexpensive tools, then put a plan in place to make your efforts stick.

Step 1. Find Cockroach Hiding Spots in your Home

Using a notebook and insect sticky traps, you’ll find where roaches are currently hiding in your home, then target those areas for treatment.

Step 2. Kill Roaches as They Crawl With Insecticidal Dust

Next, you’ll apply a crack and crevice treatment that kills crawling roaches, but is safe for pets and humans.

Step 3. Kill Roaches as They Feed With Edible Gel Bait

You’ll return to cockroach hot spots and apply tiny drops of gel bait. The bait will first kill roaches that eat it, then others across the colony.

Step 4. Prevent Future Roaches Through Sanitation

After you’ve eliminated most or all of the infestation, you’ll take steps to eliminate cockroach food and water sources, as well as pheromone trails cockroaches have left behind.

Step 5. Prevent Future Roaches Through Exclusion

Finally, after you’re done cleaning up, you’ll protect your home from future invaders, sealing up cracks and holes that roaches use to get in.

Extra #1: Reducing Cockroaches Outside

If you have an outdoor cockroach problem, you’ll take steps to reduce their number.

Extra #2: What to Do If You Still Have Roaches

Took all the steps and still have roaches? We’ll walk you through two more “Big Gun” methods to get rid of roaches for good.

Extra #3: How to Hire a Roach Exterminator

Sometimes, you need to bring in a professional. If you need tips for hiring a reputable exterminator, you’ll find a set of helpful steps to do that here.

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